Dr Durden joins the Dancing with the Stars Athens Fundraiser Competition

Dentist by day, dancer by night - that's our own Dr. Phillip Durden!  He and Natalie Cox have been selected by Project-Safe to participate in the 2018 Dancing with the Athens Stars competition.  The main event, a dance competition that takes place on April 21, is a fundraising competition for Project-Safe, an Athens non-profit organization that provides much-needed support for victims of domestic violence.  
Fans, friends, sponsors and colleagues are invited to VOTE TEAM 4 and DONATE by clicking the link below (scroll down to select Team 4):


We will also be collecting cash and check donations at the Winterville Dental office.  Check out Dr. Durden's pre-rehearsal practice dance (you will see that he needs your help!)

That ‘Spring Cleaning’ is more important than you think

winterville athens dentist
As we begin to see signs of warmer weather, don’t forget to schedule your ‘spring cleaning’ with us!  Along with the benefits of a shiny clean smile, our dentists Dr. Phil Durden and Dr. Brandon Whitworth want you know about some of the other important reasons to stay on schedule with your dental checkups and cleaning appointments:

1. A complete dental examination is an important part of maintaining your oral health.  Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums and jaw joints to look for signs of wear or infection.  Dental xrays help us see beneath the gums and between teeth to make sure that everything is in good shape.  Early detection of problems helps prevent bigger issues later – our goal is to save you time and money!

2. Periodontal (gum) disease does not hurt.  Gum disease begins when bacteria are able to creep beneath the gums to form toxin-based deposits on the root surfaces of teeth.  This leads to gum infection, which, over time, can cause teeth to become loose and fall out.  By monitoring your oral health with regular dental examinations, we can take measures to prevent and treat gum disease as soon as possible.   Gum disease does not usually ‘hurt’, so staying on schedule with your dental hygienist is very important to your oral health.

3. Dental problems are the #1 reason that children miss school.  Baby teeth and young adult teeth are also at risk of tooth decay and infection.  The American Dental Association® recommends that children visit their dentist at least twice a year for preventive care.  We can also help you with teaching your child good brushing and flossing habits; this will pay big dividends for them as they mature.

4. Oral cancer is a growing problem in the U.S.  Silent and deadly, the number of oral cancer diagnoses are increasing daily at a staggering pace.  Our dentists perform an oral cancer screening during your complete dental examination appointments.  Oral cancer is a very aggressive disease, but if detected early, life-saving treatment is possible.

5. Medical Links to Dental Health:  Research continues to reveal the connections between oral health and overall body health.  Inflammation and infection in the mouth can affect the entire body and is especially difficult for patients that have conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer.  Keeping your mouth healthy through regular examinations and cleanings can help reduce the risk of dental-related medical complications.

We are just a phone call away to schedule your regular cleaning and examination appointment.  Contact Us today to stay on track with your oral health!

Winterville Dental, PC is located at 104 Moores Grove Road, Winterville Georgia 30683. Our general and cosmetic dentists Dr. Phillip Durden and Dr. Brandon Whitworth share years of experience in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures such as placement of dental implants, orthodontics and CEREC same-day crowns.  Our family dental office is 7 minutes east of Athens, Georgia.  We invite you to visit our web site www.wintervilledental.com to learn more about our dentists and our practice.

Implant Dentures make life easier!


Do you wear dentures?  If so, you will want to know more about what is happening in dentistry today!  Dentures can be designed to attach to dental implants, which helps make the denture more stable when you chew, bite, speak or laugh.  

Dr. Durden is now placing OsteoReady implants and designing dentures to fit. This is a convenient, affordable solution, and can be completed in just a few visits vs. waiting months to have your new smile.

We are offering Free Dental Implant Consultations for patients that are interested in learning more about what dental implants can do for their smile.  Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.

For more information, visit our web site about 

Implant Dentures:

Dr. Durden speaks about Invisalign VIDEO

At Winterville Dental, we love helping our patients straighten their teeth with Invisalign clear orthodontics.  In this video, Athens area dentist Dr. Phillip Durden speaks about the benefits of Invisalign and orthodontic treatment for teens and adults.

Dr. Durden shares Dental Emergency Tips VIDEO

We asked Dr. Durden to share some tips about managing dental emergencies. Tip #1 :  Stay calm.  Easier said than done, we know, but it really helps if you can focus on a few simple first response steps, it could save a tooth!  Please watch our video and Dr. Durden will explain what you should do in the event of a dental emergency.

Dr. Phillip Durden practices dentistry at Winterville Dental, 7 minutes from Athens, Georgia.  He and his team provide general, family and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages.  We invite you to call us if we can help you with questions about your family's dental care, 706.742.7000

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

oral cancer awareness ribbonDid You Know?  Babe Ruth, Humphrey Bogart, and now, in recent years, Michael Douglas and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly have all been victims of oral cancer.

During Babe Ruth and Humphrey Bogart’s generation, oral cancer was mainly linked to smoking and heavy alcohol use.  Today, tobacco use is still a major risk factor, but the fastest growing population of oral cancer patients are young, healthy, non-smoking individuals.  This is largely attributed to the connection between oral cancer and HPV.
Oral Cancer & HPV

HPV (human papillomavirus) is the most common form of sexually transmitted disease today.  HPV16 is the type that is typically linked to oral cancer, as well as cervical cancer.  HPV does not always lead to cancer, “according to the CDC, 80% of Americans will have some form of HPV infection during their lifetime and 99% will clear these infections without consequence”. oralcancerfoundation.org  

Oral Cancer Screening

The key to early detection of oral cancer is to be aware of the symptoms of oral cancer and regular screening.  We provide our patients with an oral cancer screening examination at each regular checkup visit.  During this screening, Dr. Durden or Dr. Mitchell will carefully examine the tongue, cheeks, roof of the mouth and oral soft tissues for any unusual changes that may require further testing.  If you notice any of the following symptoms, please call our office for an evaluation:

  • White or red spots or lesions in the mouth that persist for more than 2 weeks
  • A lump or thickening in the oral soft tissues
  • Chronic sore throat, hoarseness or feeling as if something is caught in the throat
  • Numbness of the tongue or other areas of the mouth
  • Jaw swelling that makes dentures uncomfortable

In the U.S., 1 person dies from Oral Cancer every hour.  If detected early, oral cancer can be treated.  The challenge with this deadly disease is the symptoms are not always noticeable until they have greatly progressed.

Join the Fight Against Oral Cancer
Our Athens area dental practice is dedicated to raising awareness about oral cancer screenings and the importance of early detection.  Contact Us to learn more about this silent killer.

Michael Douglas speaks out on Oral Cancer